Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pip's - "Lucky 13"

Here's an update for Pip. Did this one while guesting somewhere around europe.

Luth's - "Hit The RIBS!"

Here's an update after awhile been little bit busy in the studio. Finished Mark's rib after 3sessions of patient 14hours total. Background all healed up.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Luth's - "Lotus Dragon Head"

He sat like a champ for his first big piece and on his rib. Big Guts comes with good pain but yeah, first session gone pretty smooth. No complains at all. Looking forward to finish it up, 2sessions to go filling in the colors and tighten up some part with all the background.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pip's - "Koi Fish"

Pip told me he enjoyed doing this tattoo. Bruno from Switzerland.

Pip's "Optical Illusion"

A Ripper Forming A Skull. Oh ya, this guy came all the way from Kuantan, Pahang West Malaysia for this piece on his leg done.

Pip's - "Tou nomboh no eh ( It's gone )"

I'ved told you Pip's did quite few cover-ups lately. People keep coming up with a silly tattoo, the funny thing about this guy story is when he claimed the tattoo was done while he was sleeping. Yatzii , what you really don't want it to be on your skin forever. Alcohol+Tattooing is not a good combination. Lesson to be learnt.

Pip's - "Natagak ( Disappears )"

Pip did few cover-ups lately. Here's one of them before he started touring/travelling with Eric Kueh. I couldn't remember how long he took on this piece.

Luth's - "Eye For An Eye"

The funny thing about doing this tattoo is when the guy randomly choosed a design. I was like , are your really sure you wanted to get "A Tribal EYE" , and he said "Nope". Sure thing. This what i came up with after scrolls over few references.

Luth's - "Dragonara!"

1st session for a dragon. full sleeve lotus inner arm. The dragon is from the Great Filip Leu flash. I really had fun on this piece, looking forward to finish the sleeve up.

Luth's - "Koi Sleeve"

Here's a piece for a returning client who wanted to get his forearm sleeved.

A Collaboration ( Luth & Pip )

Alright , Here what we did the whole day. Pip started the tiger under the tree and while i did the rest for about 6hrs and stop right about the leaves and pip finishes all. Couldn't stand anymore, before i started the trunk, i was tattooing another guy for a tribal touch-up and after there's a client coming over that day for a tattoo. It was pretty hectic that day until we had to reject walk-ins who came all the way from Kota Belud just for a tattoo. Pity guy but we had to do it. Total hours is about 9-10hrs. Few ciggy's break tho.

Luth's - "Cover-cover-lah."

A Cover-up . Design was bought by the client. Having a hard time getting the right size for it. Haven't upload quite lately, was a bit hectic in the shop. So here's an update after all the storm.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Left to Right - Luth's And Pip's "The God Of War"

We did an identical tattoo last night. It was funny and fun piece cause when i went to pip's stations , he stopped tattooing and covers the tattoo he did. I did the same when he sneek. We finished the tattoo at 2am in the morning. I was too tired doing mine as i did 1 koi sleeve before "Quan". Nearly Fainted (NOT) . hahahaha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luth's - "Son Of War, The Archangel"

Saint Michael The Archangel. A first tattoo for him as a first saint michael for me. It was fun, he sat like a champ for the whole 5hrs. At the last bit, i almost lost my patience. Anyway , here's a try.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Luth's - " Ichthys "

A simple tattoo what i did today. It's quite pretty hectic today as we close till midnight. Well, i left pip alone in the shop after attending a small occasion. Anyway , the tattoo symbolize "Jesus" . In english it refers to a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the end of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a "fish", said to have been used by Early Christians as a secret symbol.

Pip's - "Judge Me Not By My Tattoos"

Here's what pip did today. It was on a lawyer's inner arm. Probably because people keep asking/judging him about all the tattoos he have.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Maps Is Always Good"

Here's the direction to Little Kitchen.

"Sneek Peek"

Sneak Peek of their cuisine. Lamb Shank and Ox Tail are my favorite now. Oorahh!!!
Owh ya , did i mention that this restaurant owned by Pip's Brother? Yeah boy!!

Quick Update " Little Kitchen Restaurant "

Alright peeps, Here's a quick update. We went to little kitchen restaurant. It's a little bit of Bistro-Style Restaurant featuring French, Italian & American Cuisines. The food is awesome and the price is quite reasonable. Come down there peeps, pay them a visit.

Pip's - "Smoking the pipe"

Here goes another extension. Will upload the rest when it's done.

Luth's - "A Luck For A Client"

A quick update what i did today. First tattoo for him.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pip's - "When Baby Gets Old"

Hers a piece i did for a client who really adore the legendary Paul Booth work. He bought this design to the studio. It was an honor to tattoo this kind of design.

Pip's - "Oriental Tattoo"

Pip's - "Buddha"

So this is a tattoo of a client who really into religious. I did this tattoo for about 2 1/2hrs. I had fun doing it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Luth's - "Dagger, Better than Scars"

It was a fun tattoo, i spent the whole 6hrs on this. It was tiring yet was a good experience. Adrian Taylor did gave me few useful tips. Aj Taylor always complaining about me tattooing so fast. Awesome.