Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pip's - "Koi Fish"

Pip told me he enjoyed doing this tattoo. Bruno from Switzerland.

Pip's "Optical Illusion"

A Ripper Forming A Skull. Oh ya, this guy came all the way from Kuantan, Pahang West Malaysia for this piece on his leg done.

Pip's - "Tou nomboh no eh ( It's gone )"

I'ved told you Pip's did quite few cover-ups lately. People keep coming up with a silly tattoo, the funny thing about this guy story is when he claimed the tattoo was done while he was sleeping. Yatzii , what you really don't want it to be on your skin forever. Alcohol+Tattooing is not a good combination. Lesson to be learnt.

Pip's - "Natagak ( Disappears )"

Pip did few cover-ups lately. Here's one of them before he started touring/travelling with Eric Kueh. I couldn't remember how long he took on this piece.

Luth's - "Eye For An Eye"

The funny thing about doing this tattoo is when the guy randomly choosed a design. I was like , are your really sure you wanted to get "A Tribal EYE" , and he said "Nope". Sure thing. This what i came up with after scrolls over few references.

Luth's - "Dragonara!"

1st session for a dragon. full sleeve lotus inner arm. The dragon is from the Great Filip Leu flash. I really had fun on this piece, looking forward to finish the sleeve up.

Luth's - "Koi Sleeve"

Here's a piece for a returning client who wanted to get his forearm sleeved.

A Collaboration ( Luth & Pip )

Alright , Here what we did the whole day. Pip started the tiger under the tree and while i did the rest for about 6hrs and stop right about the leaves and pip finishes all. Couldn't stand anymore, before i started the trunk, i was tattooing another guy for a tribal touch-up and after there's a client coming over that day for a tattoo. It was pretty hectic that day until we had to reject walk-ins who came all the way from Kota Belud just for a tattoo. Pity guy but we had to do it. Total hours is about 9-10hrs. Few ciggy's break tho.

Luth's - "Cover-cover-lah."

A Cover-up . Design was bought by the client. Having a hard time getting the right size for it. Haven't upload quite lately, was a bit hectic in the shop. So here's an update after all the storm.